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Beyond the Music


Inspire welcomes you to learn from our NYC based interdisciplinary artists through a virtual season of interactive webinars. Sessions include coaching musical theatre, queer perspectives on music-making, and choral arrangement.
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Building Affirming Spaces: Intersectionality in Music 
Esteemed queer musical leaders will guide participants through an eye-opening discussion about visibility and representation in choral music. Attendees will learn about building affirming musical spaces for queer people while keeping in mind similar race and gender considerations through an exploration of the concept of intersectionality.
Danielle Buonaiuto,
Stephen Hall, and
Knox Sutterfield
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Behind the Score: The Secrets of Choral Arranging

Three of Inspire’s resident arrangers reveal their tips, tricks, and techniques for choral arranging. Ryan, Jon, and Ari will each discuss one of their arrangements performed by Inspire in past concerts. Attendees will get the opportunity to glimpse the process behind the score and ask questions about arranging for choir.

Ari Messenger
Jon Pohlmann, and
Ryan Buchanan
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Core + Restore
Heather Gunn-Rivera
This class will help you access your deepest core muscles through mindful breathing and restorative stretches. As performers we know the value of a supported breath, but the breath can only be properly supported with a strong core. The ability to call upon all aspects of our core helps us stand strong, support properly, and move efficiently.
Be ready to move with Heather as she guides us through this restorative session.
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The Impact of Live Theatre
Join Tameishia Peterson and Lauren Annunziata as they outline the cultural impact of live performance on New York City and what transformations post-pandemic could make the theatre a more welcoming place.
Tameishia Petersen and
Lauren Annunziata
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